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Quick & Run Commerce

Your eCommerce in record time with the market leading platform

Beating Budget Uncertainty and succeeding with the fastest time to value commerce platform

Quick & Run Commerce Package is an aspaNETCONOMY solution, for brands that having a solid Digital & Commerce strategy, in the current circumstances need a ready to use B2C solution. Within 7 weeks and for a certain budget, we provide you an up & running scalable platform that will speak up with your customer now they need you.

Three levels of customization

Level 3

Customized Frontend

Capped efforts to adapt the default frontend to specific design requirements. (excluding checkout and customer account)

Advanced Search Configuration

Configured search profiles to customize search results.

Personalized UX

Frontend variations in homepage based on customer data gathering at registration (gender, age)

Level 2

Return Process

Standard based return process configuration


Carrier integrations to track orders in customer account.
Order status interface Order and Returns integration

Product & customer customed fields

Customed product data fields. Customed customer data fields

Level 1

Product Content Management

Maintain product content, stock levels, prices etc.


Add products to cart, manage cart, use vouchers

Smart Edit

Maintain editorial content, start page, landing pages.

Checkout & Integration

Defined checkout process to purchase products. Order integration with ERP

Search & Merchandizing

Full-text search and faceting, category navigation and listings

Customer Account

Customer account area with order history, address book etc.

Product Presentation

View product details, prices, availabilities.


Multi-language, multi-currency support.


Business Main Benefits

Business Main Benefits

Based in previous success cases, the implementation of SAP CX portfolio solution meant improvement in company main KPIs. An example of them would be:

  • Reinforce Customer Engagement
  • Increase average shopping basket
  • Improve campaign accuracy
  • Increase target Customer baseReduce manual processes
  • Sales & Distribution process optimization
  • Revenue increases due to new offerings
  • TCO reduction

Timing & Pricing

Go-live in 7 weeks with the leading eCommerce platform.

Effort (MD)

Budget (*)

Level 1
210 MD





Level 2
215 MD





Level 3
150 MD



Quick & Run Commerce package includes:

  • SAP Commerce Cloud 3 years subscription (until 12M€ revenue / 50.000 orders yearly)
  • Implementation & Personalization services defined in the scope
  • Three years of Platform Support & Maintenance (50 hours monthly)

 (*) Average monthly TCO for a 3 years contract

Package Main Benefits

Up & running high-end platform in 7 weeks

Budget Certainty

Continous Improvement

Full-Scalable Platform

Multiple Integration Possibilities

Support & Maintenance
(3 years-contract)

Optimized UX

Responsive Design for current & future devices

aspaNETCONOMY, your innovation partner

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We move first!

We are the first to master new technologies that will be game changers.


We show up!

We don’t stay in our comfort zone and hide – we show up and take the challenge.


We are proud to deliver!

We are proud to implement solutions that run and wow.


We are not after the fast buck!

We are honestly passionate about creating new solutions in bits and bytes. So why lose our pride?


Three-time winner

NC, Global Most Innovative. SAP® Commerce Partner.


Our focus

Creating future-proof platforms based on the SAP® Customer Experience Suite and SAP® Cloud Services.



NC Group, 430 SAP® Customer Experience professionals with proven track record for internationally renowned customers.



NC Group, founded in 2000, currently running locations in Austria, Germany, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland & USA

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